siegfried de buck

Jewel designer,
silver smith, multi-media designer.

As one of the pioneers of contemporary silversmithing, Siegfried De Buck plays an important role in the development of the silversmith’s trade in Belgium. His creations range from jewelry to tools for daily use such as walking sticks, teapots or table tools.

A strong personal artistic vision and excellence of workmanship are characteristic of his work. Technique and elegance are put on the forefront. His creations show both a very personal way of expression and a thorough knowledge of material and technique. The result is an oeuvre which shows strong personality and artistic talent.
Siegfried De Buck is particularly attentive to materials and he likes to exploit their different features. The combination of different substances, particularly gold with non–precious materials is distinctive of his work.

According to Siegfried De Buck, the perfection of the silversmith reveals itself in the end product. He therefore always assumes full responsibility for both design and realization of his creations. His technical expertise,willingness to explore materials and desire to look for new possibilities led to many inventive creations. One of these new techniques was the invention of a new welding technique, TIG, now widely used in the silversmith profession.


Tentoonstelling Deelname “Eclatement” Brussel
Exposition de bijoux “Eclatement” à l’Espace Wallonie à Bruxelles

17 octobre 2014 au 10 janvier 2015

Naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling in het Design Museum te Gent
bracht de RTBF in 50 Degrès Nord volgende reportage uit.

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Naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling in het Design Museum te Gent :
"Siegfried De Buck: Overzichtstentoonstelling: Juweelontwerper en zilversmid"
is er een boek:

SIEGFRIED DE BUCK 'RING' (Uitgave MER-Luc Derycke)
29 euro (excl.verzendingskosten) te bekomen.
Volume 160 p. Size: 170 x 245 mm. Language : Nederlands/Engels

Dit boek alsook de ring "Pavilion II" een gelimiteerde editie uitgevoerd in massief zilver + rubber genummerd en voorzien van de meesterstempel ter waarde van 330 euro (excl.verzendingskosten) is te verkrijgen in het Design Museum Jan Breydelstraat 5 te Gent tijdens de tentoonstelling tot 7 februari 2010 en bij Galerie S&H DE BUCK Zuidstationstraat 25 9000 Gent

Siegfried De Buck : A general view: Jewel-designer and silversmith.

exhibition Design Museum Gent, Jan Breydelstraat 5 9000 Ghent (B)

Opening: 30 October 2009 - 19.00 h | exhibition: 31 October > 7 February 2010

Overview contemporary jewelry and silver objects from the past 38 years including a focus on 60 rings. Friends, old-students and artists were invited to create an item around the ring.
Publication "60 Rings" with 60 photos from rings made by Siegfried De Buck (MER edition - Luc Derycke) and an edition of a ring "Pavillion II" .
Contest within the texts of the publication "60 Rings" If you read attentively you can find the instructions to the hiding-space of a golden ring made by Siegfried De Buck.


Interview Siegfried De Buck, gouden handen en een vurige geest.

artikel: TL | Tekst door Shany Goemaere

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